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    Charleen was a University of Alabama graduate turned local CBS sportscaster. John was well into his college football coaching career when fellow Southern Miss coach Jeff Bower introduced the pair. Eventually married with two boys (Cabe & Hays), John’s career led the family back to his home state of Arkansas where neighbors, John and Karen Cole, ran a successful store—Walker Brothers (still rocking today!). Inspired, this sparked a conversation of potentially opening a store one day after coaching. 

    Charleen opened her first store—a women's boutique called PIZZAZZ! and they even landed in Alpharetta for a short time, but coaching led the Thompsons to Arkansas and then Texas before they made the decision.  John retired from coaching after 37 years and with the help of Charleen's dad and support from friends and family across the country, John and Charleen made their way back to Alpharetta. Established in 2015, Clothes Horse Men's Apparel is more than a store. Like John's passion for coaching and their shared love for community, the store is a way to of manifest southern hospitality while providing classic, comfortable apparel and accessories to North Atlanta. John now coaches and Blessed Trinity and the two can be found ready to welcome you, at last, to their home.